Top 10 things to do in Korcula town

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1. Walk all 26 streets of the Old Korcula Town

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Korcula Old Town is built in a unique shape of a fishbone.  Streets overlap with the main street which runs from the southern part all the way to the northern part of the town, dividing it into two equal halves. The streets to the East have been curved for a reason that during the winter months they protect the town from the alternating winds, the cold north-eastern Bura and the rainy south-eastern Jugo winds. On the other side, the streets to the West are straight and freely allow the refreshing western breeze Maestral to flow through them, cooling the town during hot summer months. It is natural and one of the oldest air-conditioning systems adding to reasons why you should come, visit and explore Korcula Old Town.


2. Climb  the  St. Mark’s  Cathedral bell tower

st. mark's cathedral korcula, churches in korcula

Climb to the bell tower of the cathedral built in Gothic-Renaissance style, dating from 15th century, built at the place of another church from 13th century. The bell tower symbolizes the town center and deserves a visit during the morning, afternoon, and evening for the sake of amazing views and special atmosphere at different times of the day.


3. Swim  On The Banks  Of  The  Old  Town

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Conveniently jump right into the sea from the medieval walls encircling Korcula’s oval-shaped Old Town overlooking the canal towards neighboring Peljesac peninsula.


4. Visit Art Galleries

korcula art, galleries in korcula
Vapor gallery

Korcula has for a long time now been inspiring many local and visiting artists alike.  There are two galleries of local painters where Korcula and other sea motifs are revered:  Abel Brčić’s art gallery in Jakova Banicevica street (east of the main street), and Hrvoje Lorenzo Kapelina’s art gallery right across the Cathedral. Vapor gallery is a quirky gallery located in the Tower of Sea Gate, near Tourist Office, featuring a selection of major Croatian contemporary and modern artists. There are also two museums not to be missed: the Bishop’s Treasury, situated alongside the cathedral, with numerous sacral works of art and collection of various drawings and paintings from Renaissance and Baroque masters. In Korcula Town Museum, opposite to the cathedral, you can see some examples of Korcula’s stone masonry art and other visiting exhibitions.


5. Dine&Wine

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Photo: Lesic Dimitri restaurant

If in search of a great gourmet experience in Korcula Town, you will not be disappointed especially if you know three Korcula’s restaurants proudly wear Michelin recommendations. Take a walk around Petra Kanavelica promenade surrounding the eastern part of the Old Town Korcula. You will find a number of great restaurants here, with amazing views of Korcula archipelago dotted with small islands and islets. The backbone of finest and classiest dining experience is the Lešić Dimitri Restaurant. Other high-end restaurants on the promenade to also take into consideration are Filippi restaurantKonoba Nonno, and Pensatore. The dining scene in Korcula is evolving at a great speed and deserves special attention.  You will not fall short of dishes designed with a playful and delicate vision when it comes to combining olive oil, local and regional wines, and high-quality ingredients. The strip starts with what is known as the place with the best pizza in the Old Town, pizzeria Tedeschi, serving different salads and pasta too. Moderately priced given the location and good, mostly Mediterranean food they serve, also give Konoba AuroraKupido, and Konoba Komin a try. 


6. Listen to music

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The Borderlines duo from Korcula

Korcula is a town that was never hiding its love with music.  A surprisingly big number of local bands play live music you will hear echoing from almost every bar’s terrace. Whether it is that jazz, classical music, electro sounds, or rock makes your heart sing, or you want to experience the romance of live traditional Dalmatian a capella singing, you are most likely to find it in Korcula during a night out.


7. Shopping

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Photo: Coral Shop Irena

Korcula is known for its many jewelry shops, especially ones specializing in coral jewelry and filigree. There are also a few shops with Croatian branded natural cosmetics and organic, home-made products such as honey, liqueurs, and other edibles that can make for a very nice souvenir to take back home.  Shopping for clothes in Korcula is also not a bad idea with few designer clothing & bag shops featuring Croatian and Italian designers as well as designers from ex-Yugoslavia region with an opportunity to find some great, unique pieces.


8. Take a walking tour to nearby villages and secluded bays

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Book a walking tour starting from Korcula town to explore magnificent nature and rustic mountain villages. Take in the beautiful landscapes of mountain ranges so close to the sea.  Green slopes, intense blue sea, small hidden bays accessible only by foot are just a few reasons why people like to walk on Korcula island.


9. Take a taxi boat to islands & islets in Korcula archipelago

Korcula archipelago

From Korcula town, you can take a taxi boat and visit more than a few uninhabited islands and islets in Korcula archipelago. Some of the most popular ones are Badija island graced with a monastery dating back from the 15th century or Vrnik, known for its quarries and skilled stonemasons who constructed many famous palaces – city halls in Venice, Vienna, Dubrovnik, Stockholm and other towns on the Adriatic coast, just to name a few.

We have made a list of our 9 favorite things to do in Korcula, but would love to hear from seasoned Korcula visitors what would you add to the list to make it a ‘Top 10 things to do in Korcula town’?

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