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Relaxing on the terrace of your Croatian holiday home, enjoying the view of the Mediterranean landscape, and endulging in a good read – does that sound good to you? Then you might like to look in on Joseph’s bookshop in Korcula town. Apart from the books you’ve brought along, you can explore this unique store for books you most likely won’t find in your home country. 


This is an international book shop, so there are books in English, French, Croatian, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Albanian, Swedish, Chinese … and several other languages. 



You can find books on Korcula, Dalmatia, the history of the broader region, as well as novels playing in the setting of Croatia. There are volumes of both foreign and Croatian authors in translation. Discover the latest literature of the former Jugoslavian countries in translations, from well-known writers like Renato Baretic, Miljenko Jergovic, Dubravka Ugresic, Marica Bodroyic, Sasa Stanisic… or did you always plan to read a classic novel by Ivo Andrijic, Nobel prize winner back in the 1950ies? You can find it all at Joseph’s place. 



Go on an imaginative journey with famous travel writers like Nicola Bouvier, or get thrilled by a murder mystery playing in Croatia, maybe from the pen of famed Philip Kerr. You’d like to learn some words of Croatian? Come and get a dictionary here. 

By the way, this is really a unique shop: It’s the one and only bookshop on all of the Dalmatian islands, thanks to Joseph Le Corre, a Frenchman (from Bretagne, to put it right), who opened it four years ago. Visiting Korcula town since 30 years, he had the vision of a book shop promoting the understanding of Croatian people and those coming here to spend their holidays. Highly recommended to all book lovers!



Looking for a nice souvenir? What about a poster of Mediterranean fish species? A CD with Dalmatian traditional music, or a beautifully illustrated book of Korcula? All this you can find in Joseph’s bookshop.




Location: in a small strett called „Kovacki prolaz“, near Korcula old town.

Opening hours: In summer (18.6. – 30.9.2018): 09:30 to 20:00 hrs. During the winter period open in the morning hours, closed in the afternoon.


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