Hot summer days: an evening walk on miniature island Vrnik

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In July and August, temperatures rise high, but you would still like to go for a walk or explore some of the beautiful nature and history around Korcula island? Then come along with me, and visit the miniature island of Vrnik!

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I will take you on a short boat ride to Vrnik island. There are 14 small islands in the archipelago between Korcula and Orebic. I like Vrnik best of them all. Vrnik is special, as it is the only inhabited island of all 14. It is indeed very special, a real miniature world! There‘s a tiny village, two small churches, the former village school – and lots of small boats on anchor, an islander‘s elementary mean of transport. You’d agree with me that you cannot live on such a small island without a boat.




Life is relaxed and unhurried here nowadays. No shops, no cars – just take it slowly. Today, Vrnik is popular as a summer resort for some film actors, play writers or artists (whose names I will not disclose). Back to basic, you can enjoy the simple pleasures of life. A walk, a swim, a good plateful of local food – what more would you ask for in such a laid-back place?





So, come with me and stroll along the shore, peak into the former village school, which has lately got a new touch by a group of artists, and enjoy a local dish, cooked and served by an islanders couple in their small courtyard.

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But why has this tiny islet been inhabited? Going on this tour with me, I will tell you all about its fascinating history: Vrnik is the island of quarries of famous white limestone. Ever since ancient Roman times, the stone of finest quality has been excavated here. There were 29 quarries on the island, and since the 17th century, many stonemasons‘ families settled here with their workshops. The stone was of such high quality that it was shipped to cities all along the Adriatic coast, but also as far as Istanbul, Vienna, Stockholm or even Washington in the U.S.A.




Stone exploitation was given up in the 1960s, most inhabitants moved away and nature regained the quarries. On our tour, I will take you to two quarries. Imagine how tough work once was to cut the stone, before it could be formed into beautiful pillars and stone ornaments to decorate many houses, palaces and cathedrals.

You could go to Vrnik alone. But you wouldn’t understand that much of its special history, and you might miss good company. Give yourself a treat and come with me: Hear the interesting stories of Vrnik, view its special beauty and let’s enjoy  dinner together.

By the way: Families and children are welcome! You find details on the tour here.



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