General terms and conditions of services


VAJA TOURS d.o.o. is a limited liability company incorporated under Croatian law. It is registered as a tourist agency by Croatian law under registration number HR-AB-20-060370887.  

We are committed to provide fair and transparent services and booking conditions to our clients. 

Please read our terms of services and booking conditions carefully. They are an important part of the booking. Here you will find everything you need to know about our service policies and about the rights and obligations of both VAJA TOURS d.o.o. (hereafter: „the agency“) and you (hereafter: „the traveller“).

Napomena za prigovore (Croatian/Hrvatski)

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The agency is not responsible for the content of websites of third parties. 


Content of offer

The information provided by the agency on the website is designed to help you select the tour most suited to your interests. The tour descriptions are as current and accurate as possible. Please note that occasionally changes in the descriptions do occur. Tour descriptions include anticipated departure times and approximate durations, which can vary due to weather conditions, ferry boat and bus timetables, number and fitness level of participants, and other circumstances. Further information about a tour may be given during the reservation or booking process. 

Important: For each booked tour, the departure date, departure time and departure place are valid as stated in the reservation confirmation, in written form (usually by e-mail). 


All the prices of tours given in Croatian currency (kuna or HRK) are the valid prices. All taxes are included in the price. Payment will be effected at the price stated in the booking reservation, in Croatian currency. For booking of a tour published on the website, the price stated on the website is effective. In case of a customized tour or a special arrangement with extra costs, the price given at the point of confirmation of the booking is effective. Information on prices given in other currencies like EUR are approximate and only for the purpose of the traveller’s  information. 

Subject to Availability

All tours published on the agency’s website are subject to availability. 


The tours (excursions) offered by the agency do not include an insurance. Before booking, please consider to take out an appropriate insurance by yourself, e.g. travel insurance, accident insurance and so forth. When booking a tour with the agency, you acknowledge that no insurance is included.


Inquiries and booking are received electronically, by e-mail, by phone  or in person with the agency’s employees. 

When booking, the traveller confirms that he/she accepts the General Terms and Conditions and the Terms and Booking Conditions for Tours entirely. In other words, everything stated in the mentioned Terms and conditions becomes legally binding both for the traveller and the agency.

Obligations of the traveller 

Personal data: When booking, the traveller is required to give all the information necessary in the booking procedure. The agency handles the traveller’s data with care. Please find details on our data policy on the page „Privacy Policy“ at the bottom of this website.


Health condition: The traveller has to be in good physical condition as to be able to participate in any of the agency’s tours. For tours including walking, the traveller needs to be of sure foot, and needs to have some experience in safe walking in difficult terrain. For further information, you are advised to carefully read the page „walking trails categories“ on our website


Appropriate equipment: The traveller has the obligation to bring the necessary equipment for the tour by himself/herself. The traveller has to bring the necessary quantity of drinking water for his/her self-supply during the tour, the appropriate clothing, shoes, sun protection, food etc. according to the information on the agency’s website and as might be given during the booking process. Please read the tour descriptions and the page „walking trails categories“ carefully as to understand what to bring on the tour. 

The agency cannot be held liable for any harm or discomfort that will occur to the traveller because of negligence of the traveller’s obligation. 

Also, the tour guide may refuse a traveller to participate in the tour, if the tour guide considers that the traveller does not bring the appropriate equipment. However, the tour guide has no obligation to check the equipment of every traveller before the start of the tour. If the tour guide refuses the participation of the traveller to the tour, this is as to secure the proper performance of the tour to all clients and as a measure of security on behalf of all clients. 

In the case that the traveller’s participation is denied because of the above mentioned reasons, no refund of payment will be made. 

Behaviour: The agency may refuse to accept a traveller whose behaviour is detrimental to the enjoyment of the group on the tour. By booking with the agency, you agree to accept the authority of the guides and accept their decisions. Our employees, guides and service providers are entitled to a safe working environment. Any threats to safety, being physical or verbal, or inappropriate behavior may result in removal from the tour. If a guide requires a traveller to leave the tour, travel costs and arrangements from that point on are at the expense of the traveller.


All payments will be effected in Croatian currency, according to the pricing policy stated under „Prices“ in these Major Terms and conditions.  

When booking a tour, the whole amount should be paid immediately, despite the departure time. The agency does not accept payments after the tour date. If the agency states that the payment can be made at the day of the tour, the traveller should bring the due amount in cash, in Croatian currency. Credit cards cannot be accepted for payment.

Payment via bank transfer:

If you pay by bank transfer from a foreign bank, please transfer the booking amount to Croatian currency. The payer’s and recipient’s bank transfer fees should be covered entirely by the traveller.

Details to be entered in the bank transfer:

Holder reservation: Name and full address of the Traveller (the person holding the reservation)

Recipient: VAJA TOURS d.o.o., Ul 92 br. 64, 20260 Korcula, Croatia

Bank: OTP banka dd, Zadar

IBAN: HR3824070001100003425


Purpose of payment: number of reservation, name of the traveller (person holding the reservation)

Amount in Croatian HRK: (according to the calculation received with the booking confirmation)

Reference number: reservation number


Cancellation made by the agency

If a decision needs to be made, in terms of changing the itinerary of a tour due to unforeseen circumstances, like electricity breakdowns, traffic jams, interruption of ferry traffic, heavy rain, thunder storms or anything else that cannot be foreseen at this time, it will all be left to the discretion of the agency or the tour guide in charge.

If a tour needs to be cancelled after it has already started, due to sudden weather changes or other circumstances that can put the traveller at risk, the agency will then take you back to the initial starting point or meeting point of the tour. If possible, the tour will be rescheduled on an alternative date. In case the traveller cannot reschedule the tour, the share of the tour that could not be performed, like the share for a museum ticket or an included meal, will be refunded. 

If the tour needs to be cancelled right before it starts, for any possible reason, a full refund will be given to the client. The traveller may also choose another alternative date for the tour. In this case, the amount previously paid will be held, and the remaining balance will be paid on the date the tour is rescheduled for.

Cancellation made by the traveller

Our tours operate in all weather conditions, rain or sunshine. A traveller cannot cancel a tour based on his/her own assumption that the weather represents a risk and still expect a refund. In an event of illness or any other type of problem or emergency that may prevent the traveller from participating in the tour, the same rules as stated under „Refund“ will be applied.


The agency offers refund according to the date a traveller cancels the tour. The date a traveller cancels is more important than the reason given, and it will influence the amount of money the agency can give gack. If the traveller cancels up to 4 days prior to the tour date, 100 % refund will be given. If the traveller cancels less then 4 days prior to the tour date, no refund will be given. 

No refund or discounts will be given in the event of any delay, either concerning the start, the performance or the ending of the tour, caused by traffic jams, mechanical failure of transportation means and the like, as long as it is not over 60 minutes concerning the start, and 90 minutes concerning the end of the tour. That means that the traveller, for example, does not have the right to cancel a tour and ask for a refund, if the start of the tour is delayed up to 60 minutes. That means that the traveller, for example, does not have the right to ask for a refund, if, for example, due to any reason the scheduled return ferry could not be reached and the group has to take another ferry, so the end of the tour is delayed up to 90 minutes. 

If a traveller will get a refund payed, the refund will be payed within 30 days after the request is made. In case the traveller payed some deposit, the refund is related to the amount paid as deposit and not to the full price of the tour. 

Booking Changes

In case the traveller needs to change the pickup address or change the number of participants, he/she must make the request by e-mail in due time, so the agency can check the availability of the requested change. 

All requests for date changes to a booking must be made by e-mail by the person who submitted the booking originally. A fee of 20 % of the tour price will be charged for the changes requested in less than 7 days prior to the tour date. 


Children at the age between 3 and 14 years get a 50 % discount. Children up to 3 years of age can be taken along free of cost, as long as they do not occupy a seat during transportation. In case the tour includes transportation and the child under 3 years has to occupy its own seat due to the rules of the operator of transportation, the amount of discount will be stated by the agency during the booking procedure. 

Minimum and maximum capacity

Each tour has a minimum and maximum participants capacity (usually 2 to 14 participants), and for most tours a minimum number of 2 participants is necessary to operate at a regular price. The exact number is stated in the description of each tour on the website of the agency. If the minimum number of participants is not reached and the tour will be cancelled, the agency will inform the traveller who has already made a booking at least 24 hours before the planned start of the tour. 


The agency will make every effort to safeguard our travellers and their personal property, but cannot be held responsible for events beyond the agency’s control. The agency claims no responsibility for any loss, damage, accident, injury, sickness or schedule change due to weather, strike, force majeure or any other cause beyond the agency’s control. The agency cannot be held responsible for any other person’s or company’s acts, acts of negligence, omission, defaults or delays, like those of agents, hotels, transportation operator, tour guides etc. 

Complaint (English)

According to the Croatian Law on Consumer Protection (NN no. 41/14), article 10, a complaint with which the traveller expresses his dissatisfaction about the provided services can be submitted in written form to the operations manager of the agency. The receipt of the complaint will be confirmed in written form without postponement. The complaint can be submitted by postal service to the address:
VAJA TOURS d.o.o., Ulica 92 br. 64, p.p. 58, 20260 Korcula, Croatia;
or by e-mail to: 

Reply to your written complaint will be given in written form latest 15 days from the complaint receipt. 

All refund claims must be submitted within 30 days of the completion of the tour.

Prigovor (Hrvatski/Croatian)

Sukladno čl. 10 zakona o zaštiti potrošača (NN br. 41/14), obavještavamo Vas da, ukoliko imate primjedbe na kupljene proizvode ili pruženu uslugu, pisani prigovor možete predati voditelju poslova gencije, te će Vam bez odgađanja primitak prigovora biti pismeno potvrđen. Prigovor možete poslati poštom na adresu društva: 

VAJA TOURS d.o.o., Ulica 92 br. 64, p.p. 58, 20260 Korcula;
ili elektroničkom poštom na e-mail: 

Na Vaš prigovor odgovorit ćemo u pisanom obliku u roku od 15 dana od zaprimanja. 

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