What to bring on walks

To really make the most out of your time in nature, good preparation is necessary. There are some things you should always bring as you venture to one of our walks.

What to pack

Always bring enough water. For our easy to moderate tours 1,5 to 3 litres should be enough, while for our moderate to challenging tours make sure to bring at least 4 litres with you. There are no springs, wells or shops on the way.
On some tours, we have organized refreshment and lunch but only towards the end of the tour. Therefore, we recommend bringing your own snacks such as a sandwich, fruit, nuts, and similar as there are no shops on the way.
As quite a few of the trails go through stoney and less smooth walking paths, make sure to wear comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots. Wear breathable long sleeves and long trousers to avoid injuries from bush thorns, and as a protection from ticks and sunburn. If the weather is windy or if you are going for a walk in the late afternoon, bring a light windproof jacket. If the weather prognosis is giving notice of possible rain, make sure to bring appropriate rainwear.
Some of our tours combine swimming and walking, so if you plan to swim and snorkel, bring swimsuit and snorkeling gear
Always bring a sun hat, sun cream, and sunglasses.
Especially if you are taking a self-guided tour, make sure to have battery torch and a small first aid kit with you.
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